Oral Surgery

Most simple surgical extractions can be completed at our dental office in West Los Angeles. Simple extractions are usually necessary when a tooth is severely infected or has been otherwise damaged from severe decay or fracture and can no longer be repaired or saved by regular dental treatment. Our dentist will use local anesthetic and remove the tooth as gently as possible, as your comfort is our priority.

Reasons for oral surgery include:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Infection
  • Risk of infection
  • Damage or trauma
  • Gum disease

Before conducting any type of oral surgery, our dentist will need to examine the status of your condition. More complex extractions like impacted teeth will need to be completed by a qualified oral surgeon. If your particular case falls in this category, our dentist in West Los Angeles will refer you to a highly qualified oral surgeon in order to have the procedure completed.

Although oral surgery and tooth extractions are generally safe procedures, harmful bacteria may enter the bloodstream which can cause complications. For this reason, our dentist may prescribe antibiotics to be taken for many extractions and oral surgery before or after the procedure. Additionally, it is important that you advise our dentist of any medications or supplements you may be taking as they can often contradict the effect of any antibiotics.

If you have any further questions regarding oral surgery, feel free to contact our dental office.

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