Dental Fillings

A dental filling is a restorative treatment used to repair minimal tooth fractures or cracks, and tooth decay (cavities) or damaged surfaces. It is also used to even out the tooth surface to chew and bite better.

There are different types of materials used by dentists for fillings: amalgam (silver) and composite (tooth colored).

Tooth-colored fillings are made from durable plastics which are very similar to natural teeth in their color and texture. These fillings are less noticeable, and much more attractive, than silver, but also have a higher cost due to the materials used and the procedure itself.

We seldom use silver amalgam fillings because of the mercury concern but occasionally they are the material of choice when the final result and function will be more beneficial over composite. If this situation arises it will be discussed with the patient and a decision will be made.

Composite White Fillings

A composite white filling is a dental bonding technique used in cosmetic dentistry. This process involves the skilful/artistic use of composite resin (natural colored dental material) to fill decayed teeth.

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